Living with Coronavirus & Post-Pandemic

Even as we learn more about the novel coronavirus every day, the COVID-19 pandemic is continuing to change our day-to-day life in unprecedented ways.

With the enforced lockdown pushing both businesses and consumers to initiate digital solutions, there has been an explosion in the growth of virtual digital technology.

Contactless instruments and technology, such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), virtual working spaces and online meetings have been given a tremendous boost to brands’ development, at the same time, able to achieve customer expectations and close the gap.

Loyalty Program

The new thriving business model that will help to boost revenue, reach more customers, engage with existing fans, and increase website traffic, and leads.

  • Enrol customers in the loyalty program
  • Identify different types of customers
  • Incentivize repeat purchases
  • Move beyond the discount culture
  • Encourage brand engagement
  • Drive footfall
  • Enhance personalization
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Website Development

Plan > Design > Develop

  • Gathering relevant information
  • Planning: Sitemap & wireframe
  • Design: Layout
  • Development
  • Testing, review, & launch
  • Again, gathering relevant information

Objective is to get people to learn about your business and understand better your products or services. This should be your first priority before you start investing in other marketing tactics

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Social Media Optimisation

Social Media is no longer a tool for entertainment and lifestyle pleasure.

Being seen online is the key to success for every business nowadays, hence  building your online presence on social media networks of relevance is critical.

Boost your brand with our social media optimization service.

Importance of Social Media Marketing for Sales and ROI.

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Online & Offline Marketing

Balancing online vs offline marketing?

28% of marketers say they have reduced their traditional advertising budget to fund digital marketing activities as customers are transitioning to communicating and buying through digital channels.

Digital marketing dominates the discussion, but offline programs remain critical to connect with B2B buyers of high consideration services and solutions.

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Marketplace Development

Innovative concept whereby merchants get to reach out to more relevant and worthwhile customers.

  • Express sign-up & fast activation
  • Transparent & no hidden cost
  • No extra capital needed
  • Fast growth & low risk
  • Delivery optimized

Multi-vendor Marketplace Development

Keep your business relevant in an evolving marketplace.

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Vendors Recruitment

Acquire > Manage > Assess > Onboard & Report

It is a need to develop a new partner ecosystem in order to expand your current partner base to keep up with demand, diversify, and ensure you always have a full sales funnel in the ever-changing technology environment.

Work with us to develop new channel partnerships and gain valuable insights to establish the most relevant sales strategies for your business.

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Data Management

You can help your audience better when you understand them better.

  • Data accuracy
  • Types of data
  • Good process and good people
  • Getting it right

If a businesses data is incorrect their planning systems will also fail. So, how does your company ensure that data management is handled effectively and efficiently?

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Report Analysis

Definition > Assessment > Analysis > Improvement > Implementation > Control

  • Defining the research problem & objectives
  • Research design
  • Assess existing data state
  • Implement solutions
  • Analyze results
  • Setup control process

Leverage on our expertise to understand and enhance your business trends effectively.

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Point Conversion

Get on the path to rewards.

Leverage on our marketplace as your preferred partner or platform for redemptions by converting your current unutilised points to Roots Points.

You might be a quick swap or two away from your next reward.

Rootsbond provides you  The Most Desirable Employee Benefits and Corporate Gifting

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