Our Story

In our recent conversation with Mr. William Lau, we learned that he (more story) then ventured into biscuit distributing in Kota Kemuning, in Klang District, Selangor. (more story) Mr. William Lau declared that if he was ever in a position to take care of people, he would make every effort to make a changeover in their lives.

The story serves as the foundation for Rootsbond to set up and finally put Rootsbond Cares in place under the inspiration of Mr. William Lau, in August 2021.

At Rootsbond Cares, we seek to support the neighbourhoods in which we work and live. We are trying to make a difference with your/volunteers’ charitable contributions and giving back to the community either by financial assistance or to donate specifically requested goods to local orphanages, homes for the elderly, disabled, and other charitable organizations.

Our passion is to Craft Benefit. E-commerce solution is what we offer as a service, but it is not just the business we are in. Equally, people business, where each of the team member is passionate about human connection and making a positive difference.

Whatever business we are in, it is hard not to realise the lack of community support while we are keeping pace with market trends through market research and analysis. We had multiple discussions, crackhead moments and finally, we realised there is a serious need to be involved in the community regardless of the size of our business. Being involved in the community is the only way for us to interact with our customers and prospects outside the walls of our day-to-day business operations.

Through this project, no doubt it has helped each member of the team gain a deeper understanding of our community. We went through community assessment which assisted us to discover not only needs and resources, but the underlying culture and social structure that helps us understand how to address the community’s needs and make use of its resources without any wastage.

Nevertheless, we believe giving back is more than just donating money and goods to those in need, but also community involvement, environmental efforts and much more which we would like to also cover in the near future.

Rootsbond Cares' top up donations

The coronavirus pandemic has uncovered a huge number of challenges for businesses and their neighbourhoods alike. However, it has also opened up an opportunity for greater charity spirit.

As we pause and reflect on the so-called “new normal”, the time is set for every one of us to understand more seriously about our social approach to instil a beneficial community impact.

To support this initiative, Rootsbond Cares will further top up your goods donations with extra 5% of the items donated. In other words, we add up additional 5% on top of how much goods you have donated with the aim to help local charitable homes accomplish their mission sooner.

Our efforts also need everyone’s vigorous participation. We know generous people like you want to make a difference to the community.

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Why give through Rootsbond Cares

At Rootsbond Cares we make giving to charity easy and effective. We can help you find causes to support and make it effortless to start sharing your care. Once you have decided which charity to donate to, our team can ensure that your giving is channelled to the right legitimate beneficiary in a timely manner and has the influence you want.

Whether you wish to make a one-off donation or need support with your long-term giving and philanthropy, Rootsbond Cares can help. We are honoured to be working with some of the verified charitable homes/charity partners within our community, acknowledging their presence, promoting compassionate behaviours in local settings for community benefit, and ensuring every single cent goes towards making a difference.

Learn how we can help you support the causes you care about.